Royal Camera

I have a camera; it’s been broken for-ev-a! One day it just stopped working.  I don’t know of any traumatic experience my poor camera had, but it wouldn’t take a picture.  I tried taking it to a local camera shop, but they wouldn’t even look at it.  I tried to send it to Canon, but they wanted $200 just to evaluate whether or not it could be repaired.  So, my poor Canon has just sat in my closet for almost two years….just sitting, idle, not doing what it was made to do….which is give me pictures of my beautiful children, in case you were wondering. 🙂

Anywho, we are planning a special vacation (more to come on that) and I desperately needed to have a camera for this magical experience.  I took a look around at new DSLRs but didn’t want to come off the $400-$800 for just the body of one.  Again, I Googled to see if anyone could possible fix my Canon.  Low and behold, I found an Illinois based company, Royal Cameras.  I was a little hesitant to send my dear Canon all the way to Illinois without knowing a thing about this company, but I decided to just do it.  They were offering a summer special (expired Sept 30) for free estimates, otherwise it would be $20.  Their website provided detailed instructions on how to package the camera to send to them via UPS and a form to fill out and stick in the box explaining what is wrong and to list all the attachments/accessories that were being sent with the camera.

So, Royal Cameras received my Canon on Sept 30 and immediately sent me an email that they had received it.  The very next day, before lunch time, they had sent me a repair estimate.  I called to make payment (they require payment before they will repair); the very next business day (I received the estimate on Friday),so, Monday, they sent me an email confirming my camera was repaired and had been shipped back to me via UPS, and even gave me a tracking number.

Can you believe it!!!!  That’s unheard-of quickness.  I’m thrilled to get my camera in and see how she works.  I haven’t had any cute, non-cell phone pics of my kids in almost two years!!!

So, once I get a laptop of my very own so I can sit and edit pics and blog posts from the comfort of my living room, you guys will be hearing a lot more from me.

Til then…


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