Welcome to Demotts&Dogwoods!  I’m Crystal. Glad you stopped by.


I’m married to this man (whistle here) who speaks with a deep southern drawl and loves deeply and passionately.

Stu baby pic

We have these three beautiful, smart, independent children who drive me a bit batty, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world (for the record, Hubby and I are NOT Seminole fans, but two of these three are…how’d that happen?).

10.11.14 (2)

Just a little about us.  We’re early thirty-somethings just trying to make it in life.  We live in a beautiful little farming community and love (almost) every second of it.  We have tons of family that all live right here in our small hometown.  We love our little country life and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

FALL2011 170 IMG_20131111_160120_122 FALL2011 198

My husband owns his own business and I work in public sector procurement.  I don’t really love my job, I don’t really hate my job, I’m just good at it so I keep on doing it.

So, welcome to our adventures; adventure in life, in kids, in family and friends.  Hope you enjoy “our” little piece of blog-land.


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