Mom’s shelf-ie

My mom is awesome…she drives me batty, but I love her and she would do anything for me at anytime. So, as a little “thank you”, I wanted to do something nice for her.

She’s recently remodeled her bathroom, and it looks great. However, she’s not that much of a decorator (I’m not either, so don’t get ahead of yourself).  After her remodeling, there was a big blank space on the wall above her commode that was screaming for filler. Instead of slapping a painting or photo up there, I wanted her to have something a little more functional.

I totally stole the idea for these shelves from Katie @ BowerPower, so no thinking I’m creative or anything. The Hubby and I headed to Lowes one day and we picked up a 1×8 ($7.19), some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and a can of stain, and took a look at the plumbing pipes. Let me just tell you, that stuff is EXPENSIVE$$$! I thought this was going to be a cheap little project and that I could make one shelf for around $15, but the price of those plumbing pipes threw me for a loop. I decided that I couldn’t possibly spend $10.50 for one floor flange (I needed 4), plus the cost of the pipes and caps. We headed to Home Depot to see if they were any less expensive, and nope, they were not. So, scratch that idea. We went home with nothing but a board and a can of spray paint.

Google is my best friend/resource, so Hubby Googled away for me. He found an Arkansas based store called Ideal True Value…and let me tell you, those floor flanges were only $3.00 each. He was able to order the 4 flanges, 4 pipes and 4 caps that I needed, plus pay for shipping for only $31.00!!!! A few days later the pipes came in the mail, and to my delight, they were exactly what I needed.



How tall?


My dad helped me measure the wall for size.  The commode is 17″ across and the two mirrors that hang on the same wall as the blank space (hey, who doesn’t love that song from Taylor Swift? I love what’s she’s doing with her voice as a pop singer) are 22″ wide.  We thought it would flow nicely for the shelves to be the same width as the mirrors.  I cut two 22″ pieces from the 1×8 and I was in business.


I used our little hand sander and sanded the boards so the stain would stick to them.  Then I stained them.  I prefer to use foam brushes so I can just throw them away and not have to clean up a mess (that’s the worst part of a project for me).  I also sprayed the plumbing accessories with the ORB paint.

Once it was all dry, we screwed them to the wall.  We had a few cute helpers…this job couldn’t have been completed without little bit handing the screws at just the right time.


Make sure to use wall anchors if you’re not able to screw directly into a stud.



Then just set the boards on top; add a few decorations, and the job is done!


….and I have one happy Momma! 🙂



What do you think?  Have you ever used non-traditional supplies to build something functional?  I’d love to hear about it.  Don’t forget to add your web address so I can browse your site.

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