Long Time Gone

It’s been a long time since I stopped by. Just wanted to pop in and say hey! Here are a few things that have happened since I was last here.

The kids grew up!

Wyman is a freshman in highschool, Makayla in seventh grade, Jocey in fifth grade. I don’t know how or when, but they just got bigger. They are still awesome and the best kids ever.

I changed jobs!

I never thought I would say this. I still work full time for state government, but was given an amazing opportunity at a different agency. I’m six months in and not really sure if I love it, but I’m learning a lot so I’m happy for that.

We bought a new camper!

This is a whole story that I’ll tell you soon, but we’re really excited for the adventures and memories we’ll make with our new beauty! I’ll share more pics in that post but here’s a teaser of the kitchen.

But some things remain the same…

Some things never change. I’m still married to this fella, and he makes me so happy! It’s definitely not perfect, but we work to love each other better every day.

I’m excited to be back and plan to be here often. Keep checking back. If there is anything you are interested in hearing about or any questions you have, send me an email. Connect@demottsanddogwoods.com

Talk soon!



Camping at Katherine Abby Hanna park…and great friends


Hey y’all! Its been a minute since you’ve gotten an update. I’m trying to figure out how to make this blogging thing happen.  I just have so many ideas and things I want to say and show, but am always a little nervous about over sharing something that’s not my place to share (such as husband’s business, kids’ stuff and friends’ stories).

Over the past few moths we’ve had so much fun and have made some great memories. We have a lot brewing too for the next few months and will definitely share that exciting news as soon as everything falls into place.

July 4th weekend we went camping with some of our favorite people. We went to Kathryn Abby Hanna park in Jacksonville and it was so.much.fun!  In fact, we had such a good time that my parents took the kids back this past week.

The beach in Jacksonville is so much different than the beaches here on the Gulf Coast.  The beach is lonnnggg and the sand is more like mud….it doesn’t stick or stain, but still looks and feels like mud. The kids didn’t care though and had a great time together.

Matty and Jennifer have four young kids, and they really are just the best. Between the two families, we have a total of 7 kiddos, which makes for such great fun for them. They all love each other and are always trying to help and take care of each other. They’re certain not to leave anyone out which really makes my momma heart happy.

The water in the Atlantic is different too (compared to the Gulf where we usually Beach).  It’s saltier and the waves are bigger and stronger and the water is darker and less emerald.

All Kids beach

Of our three kiddos, Wyman could take the beach or leave it.  He enjoys it because we go, but it definitely wouldn’t be on his top 10 list of things to do.  Jocelyn enjoys it, but also enjoys just playing in the sand.  Typically she will play in the water for a bit then enjoy the sun some and build a sandcastle, then back to the water.  Makayla on the hand, LOVES the beach.  Anytime we near she just wants to go to the beach and spend the entire day there.  I basically have to bribe her out of the water to drink some water or eat.  It always surprises me how different the three are.

Kayla boogie board IKayla boogie board II

We love to camp and try to do it as frequently as possible. I say we aim for once a month, but typically we are too busy and don’t make it that often. This was Matthew and Jennifer’s first time camping and I think it was pretty successful. My secret to camping with kid is good food and bicycles.  We try to make it a low key event and just let the kids play and explore.  It’s always a fun time for them.

Mom’s shelf-ie

My mom is awesome…she drives me batty, but I love her and she would do anything for me at anytime. So, as a little “thank you”, I wanted to do something nice for her.

She’s recently remodeled her bathroom, and it looks great. However, she’s not that much of a decorator (I’m not either, so don’t get ahead of yourself).  After her remodeling, there was a big blank space on the wall above her commode that was screaming for filler. Instead of slapping a painting or photo up there, I wanted her to have something a little more functional. Continue reading

Royal Camera

I have a camera; it’s been broken for-ev-a! One day it just stopped working.  I don’t know of any traumatic experience my poor camera had, but it wouldn’t take a picture.  I tried taking it to a local camera shop, but they wouldn’t even look at it.  I tried to send it to Canon, but they wanted $200 just to evaluate whether or not it could be repaired.  So, my poor Canon has just sat in my closet for almost two years….just sitting, idle, not doing what it was made to do….which is give me pictures of my beautiful children, in case you were wondering. 🙂 Continue reading